This is the best everyday carry knife. I have carried The Spyderco Delica 4 for over 20 years now and it has fulfilled every task that I have ever needed it for. It comes razor sharp from the factory and when dull, I have sent it back to the factory, to be sharpened for free. It is lightweight and easy to use and with its reversible clip, can be worn on either side of your body and used with either hand. It can also be worn with the tip direction reversed depending on the user’s preference.

Blade Specifications

The blade is 2.5 inches long which makes it legal in most states and counties including my city, Los Angeles, which is by far one of the most restrictive places for both gun control and knife laws in the United States. With the black handle and blade, the knife is truly inconspicuous and raises barely a glance when worn. Using the clip, it can be worn several different ways depending on the occasion and the type of clothing of the wearer. I have worn it hanging from a pocket, clipped to my waistband with shorts, in a shirt pocket, clipped to the outside of my 5.11 Tactical Moab bag on the Molle straps, and inside of a leather sheath made for a Leatherman Crunch. The versatility of this blade is unsurpassed and for its purpose, I have still not found a blade that compares with all of the included features of this knife.

Urban Carry and Everyday Uses

Now this blade is probably not made for heavy-duty use but it has stood up to the rigors of urban life. I have used it for box cutting, light woodwork, self-defense, and every other general task that I can think of. For the price, I have not found any other knife in the same category that lasts as long nor is as durable with common everyday use. In addition, the black coating on the blade makes the knife extremely corrosion and rust resistant. I have actually used this as a dive knife in the Pacific Ocean clipped inside of my wetsuit while body surfing.

Gifts and Self Defense for Women

It makes a great gift and a perfect form of self-defense for a woman. I have given one to my mother and one to my fiancé and it is small enough to fit inside of their purse and has a small enough profile to be worn in tight clothing such as a dress or jeans. My mother has had hers for almost 15 years. When I first gave it to her she was resistant, but quickly saw the utility after some time. She uses it to open plastic wrapping and opening packages with difficult-to-open material. She has even used it to intimidate a man who was acting aggressively towards her one night in a parking lot.


  • Razor-sharp from the factory
  • Combination blade for making precise cuts and cutting heavy duty rope or wire
  • Reversible clip for ambidextrous carry
  • Small profile for easy carry in many types of clothing
  • Black inconspicuous blade for less noticeability
  • Lightweight enough to not notice while carrying on a daily basis
  • Factory will sharpen blade for free
  • Easy one-handed use to both open and close


  • Not heavy duty enough for survival scenarios.
  • Blade tends to need sharpening after continuous use
  • Smaller blade provides limited use for self defense
  • Not balanced enough for throwing

Summary and Conclusion

I would rate this knife 95 out of 100 and would highly recommend this knife to anyone even a survivalist or bush crafter even if it’s purpose was to be used as a backup knife rather than a primary blade. Spyderco is renowned for their quality of knives and their designers are amongst the best in the world.

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Heavy Duty80
Everyday Carry100
Ease of Use100
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