The best Paracord. In any survival guide, everyday carry reference, or book about necessary items for emergency preparedness, you will inevitably find a place that refers to the necessity to have cordage or in most cases, paracord. However, there is paracord and then there is Titan’s Survivor Cord, which takes the meaning of paracord to a whole other level. Titan survivor cord is the big daddy of the paracord family and for good reason. It is by far the best and most useful cordage.

Paracord For Survival

Standard paracord has countless uses and there are numerous projects that you could find paracord useful. In a survival situation it can mean the difference between life and death and should always be included in your kit along with a good knife.

Features of Titan Survivor Cord

550 paracord comes in 7- 3 strand nylon braids that can be broken down giving you 21 possible strands of cordage to work with. Titan Survival cord comes with 3 additional strands as well. One strand is a jute cord dipped in parfin wax for firestarting. It also comes with a monofilament 25lb fishing line. Last but definitely not least, it also includes a conductive wire that can also be used both for electric conductive projects or snares for trapping. With the additional strands, this cord is more durable than traditional Paracord. Rated for 550lbs it can easily hold more weight due to the additional reinforcement (apparently >620lbs if the other review claims are correct). It is also Mil-spec quality and produced in the USA by, and for veterans.

Carrying Paracord

Included with the cord is a retaining strap for securing the rope bundle and in this link also includes an ebook with a list of possible paracord projects. It is offered in at least 8 additional colors depending on your needs.

Other Uses for Titan Survivor Cord

The waxed jute line can be used for fire-starting and tinder. It catches a spark easily and will burn for quite some time once it catches a flame. The copper conductive strand has little resistance and because it is copper, it will not rust over time or if exposed to water. It is strong enough to use as a snare to catch small game. Double wrapped together, it can be used to trap larger game. The fishing line is tested to 25lbs and is transparent. It can easily be used not only for fishing but also for minor medical stitching.

My Recommendation

I would highly recommend Titan Survivor cord rather than regular 550 paracord due to the additional features that it contains as  well as its ruggedness compared to other cordage. It should definitely be included in an Everyday Carry kit, a Survival Kit, a Bugout Bag, a Get home bag or an Emergency Car kit. It has so many uses that it can replace most other cordage and doesn’t weigh much more than traditional 550 Paracord. This is by far the best paracord that I have found and used.

Heavy Duty85
Everyday Carry100
Ease of Use100
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