Tactical Knife fo Everyday Carry

I recently purchased The HK Dispatch knife with the partially serrated blade manufactured by Benchmade as a fixed blade Everyday Carry knife and tactical knife.  On first glance this knife is awesome and fits most of my requirements as a versatile yet durable knife. It comes in a plastic sheath with integrated belt loops and slightly embedded areas for screws to attach a belt clip. I chose to attach a Spyderco G-clip to my HK Dispatch.

Blade Specifications

The knife has a partially serrated blade and a tanto point. The blade is a little over 9 inches long and the blade length is a little under 4.5 inches rendering it an almost perfect length for Everyday carry. In my opinion, it is a very capable, close quarters battle (CQB) blade. It is made of D2 steel and has a slim enough profile to be carried inside or outside of the waistband. The sheath is also reversible for a left or right handed carry. This blade itself is also hefty and can handle heavier duty work without risk of damage. At a $50 price tag, it leaves me unafraid to use it for various utilitarian tasks.

Self-defense and CQB (Close Quarters Combat)

It can also be used very effectively as a self-defense knife and especially as a tactical knife. It’s balanced well enough to be thrown, which I have tried with decent success, even though I’m not a practiced knife thrower. The handle has a Santoprene grip which has gripping properties like rubber while keeping the handle slim in profile. This knife has a small print and can be worn concealed easily. It can be worn either horizontally or vertically on the belt or waistline. Tactically, the black blade and sheath enable it to be inconspicuous and the matte black keeps it from shining or being noticeable against a dark background.


If there was anything that I don’t like about the knife, it would be the sheath and specifically the retention clip for holding the knife in the sheath. The retention clip does not hold the knife in the sheath very well. If you turn the sheath upside down and shake it gently, the knife will eventually fall out. In addition, the knife rattles slightly while in the sheath. The retention clip seems rather flimsy, as well, and seems like it might break if subjected to enough stress. It doesn’t seem like it is bent far enough in the retention position to hold the knife in the sheath very well.

Solutions to the retention problem

To solve this problem, I put the sheath in my microwave for 50 seconds with the hope of heating the sheath enough to be able to bend the retention clip so that the angle would retain the knife more effectively. I was able to bend the retention clip into a more effective angle to hold the knife, however, a small bubble formed in the middle of the sheath that worked in my favor. It created enough friction to hold the knife in on its own without damaging the finish of the blade or scratching the coating. Now with the bubble and the retention clip, the knife is retained nicely, and I am confident that the knife will not fall out easily. Plus, I can still pull the knife out of the sheath easy enough to use it effectively if the need should arise.


I highly recommend this knife. It is the perfect size and balance and is a great compromise between most survival knives and folding blades. The Tanto point and the partially serrated edge make this a great defensive knife and for the price, you would be hard pressed to find a knife of this caliber that can fulfill all of the needs and tasks that this knife can. It is small enough to carry, yet strong enough to be a true multipurpose knife.

Heavy Duty90
Everyday Carry90
Ease of Use100
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