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Everyone knows that I am a groupie and die hard fan of the 5.11 tactical bags so I’m going to go ahead and review the 5.11 Tactical Moab Sling Bag for those who are curious or on the edge of purchase and can’t make up their minds. I speak from experience when I say that these bags are one-of-a-kind and everyone else is just trying to keep up and copy. I own several of these bags including: 

The Moab 10 sling bag I use and carry on a daily basis to hold most of my Everyday Carry gear (EDC) as well as several items that I keep close for emergencies as well as work.

Review of the 5.11 Tactical Moab Sling Bag

I love this bag and believe me when I say that I’ve put it through its paces. I’ve owned this bag for almost 2 years now and it does not show any signs of wear and tear from normal use or extreme use. There are no frays or loose threads and so far, I have not had one issue with it. I carry quite a heavy load along with a lot of expensive and sensitive gear, and I’m not always gentle with it. I’ve used it for hiking, kayaking, and motorcycle riding, as well as use it for a work briefcase, a shooting range bag, and a tool bag. It has stood the test of time and is still going strong.

Bag Quality and Features

It is made extremely well and you can tell a lot of thought went into the planning and construction of this bag. There is room inside and outside, for everything, with pockets scattered throughout, and Molle Loops scattered across the exterior of the bag, that give you many options with regards to the type of gear that you choose to carry. All of the zippers are bi-directional and ambidextrous as is the bag itself. Even though it only has one strap, it can be changed from either left or right shoulder carry by simply disconnecting the lower connection on one side and reconnecting it to the other side. All of the pockets inside can be opened from either side of the bag with either hand and have dual heavy-duty self-repairing, Heavy-duty, YKK zippers on both sides, giving you access from either side of the bag. There is also a concealed-carry pocket behind the front pouch that opens with Velcro. I actually didn’t know that the bag included the pouch for almost a month after I purchased the bag. The ultimate concealment pouch in my opinion, easily capable of carrying a small firearm, a Kydex holster, and an extra magazine. Each pocket of the pouch has so many compartments and sleeves that I can fit an amazing number of gadgets and gear inside and still carry the bag comfortably.

Quality and Craftsmanship

The fabric of the bag is treated with water proofing spray and in a light rain, the bag is relatively waterproof. I’ve read other reviews of the bag about the sewing quality being sub-par and coming loose, but I have not experienced this at all. In fact, after two years, there is no fraying or loose threads anywhere on the bag. I am not gentle with it in any sense. The only thing that I am careful about is placing the bag down roughly. The reason for this is that I carry a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 inside the main pouch. The only drawback of the bag, is that this pouch does not have padding on the bottom or sides that I can use to protect my tablet. There is a however, a half-pocket inside the main pouch that includes a drawstring that helps secure my tablet more tightly and keeps it from moving around inside the bag. I line the bottom of this pouch with a shemagh for added cushion to protect the tablet.

Bag Capacity and Gear Storage

As a professional in the tech industry, this bag serves all of my Everyday Carry needs quite well. Here is a list of the things that I currently carry in my bag on a daily basis:

You can read about my list of gear and why I carry it in this article – My Everyday Carry Bag and Contents

List of the pros and cons for the bag


  • Made of extremely durable material
  • Relatively water resistant with drain holes
  • Molle straps covering most of the outside of the bag
  • Included straps to attach to other 11 tactical bags
  • Camelback-ready pouch to carry water
  • Padded sunglasses pouch
  • Radio pouch on shoulder strap
  • Room to carry everything you need and more
  • Ambidextrous carry for both shoulders
  • Concealed carry pocket
  • Heavy duty self-healing zipper
  • Sturdy grab handle
  • Padded back for comfortable carry
  • Padded shoulder straps


  • No padding inside for carrying laptops or tablets
  • Not completely waterproof
  • Too much Molle and tends to look too military in appearance
  • Tube hole from water reservoir cannot be used with sunglasses case in the way
  • During fast movement, straps tends to loosen and must be continuously tightened
  • No waist strap to help ease load if moving over long distance
  • Hard to carry for long periods of time with a heavy load.
  • Looks a little bulky on smaller people
  • Does not hold a larger framed handgun well in concealed carry pocket

Conclusion and Overall Rating

Overall I would rate this bag as a 95 out of 100. It goes with me everywhere and allows me to carry all of the gadgets and gear that I tend to use on a regular basis as well as some items that I only need in emergencies. I would not classify it as a bug out bag but tcan easily suffice in the short-term as a quick emergency bag. In places where it is legal to carry a concealed firearm, it can easily handle that task and provide a prolonged sense of security. If I was to trade this bag for another, I would carry the 5.11 Tactical Rush 12 backpack because it has two shoulder straps and would be more comfortable for carrying for extended periods of time and for longer distances, although I would lose the included concealed carry pocket if I did.

Heavy Duty100
Everyday Carry100
Ease of Use100
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