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Inside The Waistband

Arkangel Hybrid Holster

Outside The Waistband

No Modifications Needed

Arkangel Hybrid Magazine Carrier

This Magazine Carrier is made to work as a hybrid, worn either Inside or Outside The Waistband, with or without…

Arkangel Hybrid Holster

The only Holster on the market that can be worn either Inside or Outside the Waistband, with or without a…
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Review of Titan Paracord or Survival Cord

The best Paracord. In any survival guide, everyday carry reference, or book about necessary items for emergency preparedness, you will inevitably find a place that refers to the necessity to have cordage or in most cases, paracord. However, there is paracord and then there is Titan’s Survivor Cord, which takes the meaning of paracord to a

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The Best Ways to Carry and Obtain Water for Everyday Carry

“,”variableWidth”:false,”nextArrow”:”“}’ dir=”ltr”> Grayl Lifestraw Water Bottle Echomax Sawyer Water Filter Lifestraw Water Filter Water Purification Tablets Glacier Stainless Bottle Cup Rain Collection Barrel 5.11 Rush 10 Moab Sling Bag Rothco Shemagh Uv Steripen 5.11 Rush 12 There are so many ways to carry water for Everyday Carry and even more ways to obtain water. Convenience,

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My Everyday Carry Tactical Gear for Urban Professionals

A good light weight and sharp knife I choose a Spyderco Delica 4 with the combination blade with a partially serrated edge. It clips to my pocket or waistband and I can open it with one hand. The blade is only 2.5 inches long (Los Angeles legal) but is extremely sharp right out of the

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