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Organize your keys with the Keysmart keychain. I try my best but for some reason I always manage to accumulate too many keys and inevitably they take up room in my pocket and make my pockets bulge. I never can seem to find a good way to stow my keys but I have a found a solution that seems to work better than most. That solution is the Keysmart key holder. At first glance it seems a little weird and cumbersome and has a strange shape. I saw a couple reviews online about it and decided to give it a try. It comes in pieces that need to be assembled with a simple flat-head screwdriver or even a dime, if worse comes to worse. I also ordered the extension piece for it, so that I could potentially fit more keys in it, if the standard model wasn’t big enough.

Why the Keysmart works

Low and behold, this thing turned out to be awesome. I was able to hold most of my keys, with the exception of my car key fob/alarm, and I was even able to fit a small 8 gig Kensington USB into the Keysmart as well. This reduced the overall print of my keys by more than half, and eliminated the typical jingling sound, associated with a key chain, that is horrible tactically, while eliminating the bulkiness of the keys, which, in turn, reduced the thigh bruises that I kept getting every time I happened to sit down or roll over onto the keys. It made it easier for me to fit more things in my pockets and I could also fit it into my front pocket next to my wallet if I wanted.

Additional items on my keychain

I supplemented the Keysmart with a couple other things as well starting with a Manta ring, steel braided flexible cable key ring that allowed me to include a couple other nondescript items that were easy to carry such as a Nitecore keychain flashlight, a steel belt clip for hanging the keys to my waistline or belt and my car alarm/key as well. I now consider this item a necessary piece of gear in my Everyday Carry toolkit, and a necessity for carrying extra gear. It has since proven necessary for emergencies and has contributed to making me tactically more proficient by eliminating the key jingling sounds.


If I were to criticize this item, the cons that I would say it has is that it is a little harder and slower to retrieve my keys for immediate use and is difficult to use one-handed while carrying other things. In an emergency, it takes a little longer to get them ready for use. A woman might find this as a detriment if trying to get into a house while being pursued. In addition, setting up the Keysmart, initially, is painstaking, and takes several times of trial and error, to find the right position for each of your keys for the easiest access. I had to take the item apart 3 times before I found the configuration that I was comfortable with. But once it was done, I haven’t had to make a change since. I’m glad I bought the Keysmart expansion pack, because it enabled me to include color coded bands on the end of the keys and to include a USB to the keychain, otherwise it would have been too small and not fit all of the keys that I needed.


I highly recommend the Keysmart for your keys. There are several alternative solutions out there, but so far this seems to be the best. I’ve been using this for over a year now, and I wouldn’t go back to a typical key chain at this point. I don’t need the leg bruises, and I already carry enough things in my pockets without adding to the bulk. This is a perfect addition to my Everyday Carry Gear and its rather inexpensive for the functionality that it adds.

Keysmart Keychain Review
Heavy Duty60
Everyday Carry100
Ease of Use70
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