I’ve been in the market for some time looking for a good Everyday carry belt to replace my worn-out leather belt and I recently decided to purchase the 5.11 Apex Gunner’s Belt. I did a lot of research and checked out a lot of belts that were typical for EDC and recommended online quite a bit, but I found they were lacking in the features that I was looking for most. I wanted a belt that could hold up my pants evenly without sagging on the sides, and I wanted something that would last over time, rugged enough to work as a tactical replacement for a typical gun belt, or even a full battle belt. I didn’t want a belt with a bulky Cobra link nor did I want a belt made of canvas or nylon. I wanted a belt with a buckle that wouldn’t slip and the ability to carry the weight of a firearm as well as other weapons or tools. In addition, I needed it to be inconspicuous enough to wear with a variety of clothing including slacks. Thus, after a month of research and trying on different belts, I found the 5.11 Apex Gunner’s Belt, and I couldn’t be more satisfied.

5.11 Tactical Apex Gunner’s Belt Specifications

This belt is heavy duty yet looks and feels like a normal belt. It doesn’t stretch like a typical leather belt and doesn’t bite into my skin because it is already formed to fit the natural curves of the body. Its 1.5 inches thick and can fit into most normal pants loops without any difficulty. The belt uses dynamic tension to keep the belt tightened by having the loose end of the belt going back under the buckle-side of the belt against the body, eliminating the need to have an outer loop on the belt to keep the loose end from hanging off the body. The buckle itself has two hooked prongs to hold the belt in place and there are double attachment holes to keep the belt fastened and secure. Each prong is hooked at the end to make sure the belt doesn’t loosen. These prongs are made of metal and are heavy duty. It makes the belt secure and so far, I have not come close to having a problem with the belt unfastening or slipping. The belt is made from B10 web material with TPU coating and the prongs are made Type 3 anodized cast aluminum and have a tensile strength of approximately 1500 lbs!

After two Weeks of Wear

I have tested this belt over the course of two weeks wearing it for normal everyday wear and I have also taken it to the forest to test it as well. When I wore it in the woods, I attached an outside-the-waistband holster with a Glock 23 fully loaded, a Fobus paddle magazine carrier with two loaded magazines, an HK Dispatch knife and sheath attached to the belt and a Spyderco Delica 4 clipped to the waistband. In addition, the belt was holding up my jeans that had a Galaxy Note 4, my wallet, keysmart keychain, carbon fiber money clip and a Streamlight Stylus Pro in the pockets. The belt held everything easily and rather comfortably. We went hiking and did some light climbing and I never felt that the belt slipped or pinched areas of my body. It supported the weight of all the equipment easily. Later when I removed everything, there weren’t even any scratches on the belt from the equipment or various things that I brushed against while hiking or climbing. It looked perfectly brand new!


If there is anything that I would say is bad about this belt is that it is a little bit stiff, it is a little difficult to thread through your belt loops and a little difficult to run through the loops of my outside the waistband holster. Once you are ready to buckle it, it is a little difficult to get the loose end underneath the belt while you are trying to tighten it because it tends to “stick” to itself but not terribly and this feature is a good thing because it helps to retain the belt and keep it from loosening.

Conclusion and Recommendation

I can’t recommend the 5.11 Tactical Apex Gunner’s Belt highly enough. I’m going to purchase several more. I want one in brown and another one in black with a silver buckle instead of the black that I already own. This thing rocks! Its looks smooth and I feel cooler wearing it not to mention for function, practicality and tactical use, it serves all of those purposes stylishly.

Heavy Duty90
Everyday Carry100
Ease of Use85
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