Custom Kydex Holsters and Sheaths
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Inside The Waistband

Arkangel Hybrid Holster

Outside The Waistband

No Modifications Needed

Arkangel Hybrid Magazine Carrier

This Magazine Carrier is made to work as a hybrid, worn either Inside or Outside The Waistband, with or without…

Arkangel Hybrid Holster

The only Holster on the market that can be worn either Inside or Outside the Waistband, with or without a…
[object object] Home KeySmart Extended Key Holder 2 8 Keys Black

Keysmart Keychain Review

Best keychain replacement Organize your keys with the Keysmart keychain. I try my best but for some reason I always manage to accumulate too many keys and inevitably they take up room in my pocket

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[object object] Home SOG Seal Pup Elite Knife 5

SOG Seal Pup Elite Review

I was looking for a versatile Everyday Carry fixed blade knife, and I stumbled upon the SOG Seal Pup knife with the Kydex sheath. There were several requirements that had to be met for me to

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